Google's mission from its founding has been "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." My goal is to do that with the world's wisdom.

The actualization of Google's vision means that anyone anywhere can not only access the billions of websites and hundreds of millions of books ever published at the click of a button, but also create their own. This website aims to help you sidestep the downsides of costless content production: misinformation, deeply biased & unserious news organizations, and the overwhelming nature of a blank Google search bar. It aims to unlock for you the beauties of costless content distribution: instant access to humanity's pool of accumulated knowledge and direct connection to the thought leaders on the trends shaping our world & our future.

For years, I've been combing through the works of our greatest thinkers and collecting those with the densest concentration of insights useful to understanding and navigating the world around you. The current version of that list can be found under Best Resources.

The Best Free Websites page provides links to the highest quality free content published online. These are generally the blogs or publishing sites of people with long track records of exceptional success in their respective fields thanks to their habit of being unusually thoughtful and insightful. It begs the question, why read only yesterday's news when you can, for instance, read the latest thoughts of asset managers using the insights they're sharing with you to successfully manage hundreds of billions of dollars like Ray Dalio or the latest observations from former presidential economic advisors like Larry Summers?

Finally, the Home page has a selection of my own writing, which I publish when I feel I have some a viewpoint not well represented by the popular press or the authors above. Naturally, this occurs irregularly. If you'd like to be notified when I publish something new, you can hit the subscribe button.